Ontario Federation Of Snowmobile Clubs Sudbury
O.F.S.C. District 12
Sudbury snowmobile trails

District 12 O.F.S.C. Clubs

Snowmobile ClubO.F.S.C. District 12 is made up of one snowmobile association, the Sudbury Trail Plan and two snowmobile clubs, the Espanola and District Snowmobile Club and the Manitoulin Snow Dusters  O.F.S.C. District 12 adjoins with the Near North Trail Association (District 11), Algoma Snow Plan Association (District 13) and Timiskaming Abitibi Trail Association (District 14) The Sudbury Trail Plan along with their member clubs and the two other clubs are members in good standing with the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs.

Espanola and Districts Snowmobile Club experience the thrill of riding south over the LaCloche Mountains towards Whitefish Falls, Manitoulin Island, Killarney and over the 120 foot steel bridge crossing the Vermillion River towards Nairn Centre. The Espanola trail system cross's several lakes which can be enjoyed by those who enjoy lake running. (O.F.S.C. ice markers indicate that the ice has been tested in the immediate area of the marker by volunteers). Over the past few years the club has put their efforts into building land based trails around 80% of the lakes for the riders that don't feel comfortable riding on lakes. This also provides earlier season starts!!!

Manitoulin Snow Dusters Club.is a volunteer based club and "very" proud of their trail system. There are 430 km of groomed & signed trails reaching all areas of Manitoulin which tie into the provincial trail plan. The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (O.F.S.C.) honoured Manitoulin Snow Dusters in 2001 by awarding them the honour of "Club of the Year for 2001". The award is given out annually to recognize exceptional effort and achievements of the possible 270 plus clubs who are eligible for this award. Riding our trails on and around the Manitoulin area you will see the beautiful LaCloche mountain chain, many frozen lakes and rivers and often you will see white tailed deer.

The Sudbury Trail Plan Association (STP) is comprised of eight snowmobile clubs within the Greater Sudbury area. The STP is responsible for all grooming operations on behalf of it's eight member clubs that cover 1,100 km of trails. The mission of the STP Grooming Operation is "The Sudbury Trail Plan Association is dedicated to providing strong leadership and support to member clubs in establishing and maintaining safe, environmentally responsible, quality snowmobile trails in the Sudbury area for all permit holders". The member clubs belonging to the STP and the areas that they are responsible for are as follows:

Onaping Falls Snowmobile Club covers the Levack, Onaping Falls, Dowling and Cartier areas.

Broder Dill Snowmobile Association covers the south end of the City of Greater Sudbury including Killarney.

Nickel Belt Snow Spirits
covers the New Sudbury, Garson, Skead, Falconbridge and the North of Lake Wahnapitei.

Northbound Sno Drifters  covers the Azilda/Chelmsford area. .

Coniston Wahnapitae Driftbusters covers the Coniston/ Wahnapitae area.

Walden Sno Runners covers the Lively, Naughton, Copper Cliff,  Nairn Centre area.

Valley Trail Masters covers the Hanmer, Val Caron, Blezard Valley, Val Therese area.

Capreol Ridge Riders covers the Capreol area.